Things to Consider Before buying a Custom Surfboard

Ordering a brand new custom surfboard for the first time can be a little bit intimidating and overwhelming. You might have been surfing for years with top surfboard brand or flat out you just started surfing. But getting a custom surfboard is like a particular ritual based on you. It takes a whole different process even before getting on the waves. Here are a couple of tips on what you should know and ask your shaper when ordering  custom surfboards.

1.Know what you are looking for
Ok, you have decided you want a custom surfboard, but do you have an idea how you want it done? I think that is one of the major questions you should ask yourself. Also, where do you surf the most? What is Your current experience level? And what kind of surfboard you currently have at the moment? When it comes to custom made it has to be as accurate as possible than just asking for a board that is okay in every condition. Do not go to your shaper asking for a custom board that does everything and anything because it will not work! You cannot ask for a BMW 7series that can go off-road, It just does not function that way. For this specific occasion, you want to be a master of one, not a jack-of-all-trades.

2.Bring your Board with you
It will greatly help the shaper to determine better what kind of board is right for you and what you are looking to get. Remember it is better to go with what you already know instead of what you do not know in this case.

3.Order the Board For You.
As I mentioned earlier, you got to know what you are looking. Asking for a custom surfboard based on your favorite athlete is like trying to walk a long distance without shoes. It’s going to hurt, but it’s doable. However, you want it to be comfortable based on your body type and experience level. That is why is a custom surfboard, because of its personal.

4.Choose your shaper
Not everyone can make surfboards. It is always wise to do your research before you pick a shaper. The strengths of one might be the weakness of the other. It’s always good to ask around the community, your friends, yelp it, Google it if you have to. But make sure you do your research first! It might be more feasible to go locally or pick the top brand surfboard makers, but as long as you have done an extensive background on your chosen shaper, you will be okay.

5.The Color of the Surfboard
You probably might ask; what does the color had to do with a surfboard? Well, it has a lot to do with it. Getting artwork done on your board not only takes longer but it cost more. If you just want to start surfing as quickly as possible just don’t get color on it.